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For those that want to know what the various emblems look like when they are on the headstones supplied by the government. I don't believe the emblems on the piece of paper included with the burial documents quite show what the finished emblem looks like on the headstone. So far I have found these, and am continuing to look for more.

The Veteran's Administrations clipart version can be found here: http://www.cem.va.gov/cem/hmm/emblems.asp

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00 - No Emblem01 - Christian Cross03 - Judaism (Star of David)04 - Presbyterian Cross05 - Russian Orthodox Cross06 - Lutheran Cross07 - Episcopal Cross09 - United Methodist11 - Mormon (Angel Moroni)12 - Native American Church of North America13 - Serbian Orthodox14 - Greek Cross15 - Bahai (9 - Pointed Star)16 - Atheist17 - Muslim (Crescent and Star)18 - Hindu20 - Community Of Christ21- Sufism Reoriented29 - Christian Church30 - Christian & Missionary Alliance